Tarvould’s Quest

“A let’s play/comedy show at heart. We do not play games to beat them 100%, and were not even necessarily very good at the games we play either. What we do offer is a good laugh, some insightful and humorous commentary, and the enjoyment of seeing others suffer. “


36 Times Podcast

A podcast featuring all things criminally Canadian, as told by two ladies. New episodes biweekly!

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The Rowdy Two

Music duo living streaming songs on the fly every week!

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The Boys Club Comedy Podcast

Halifax Comedians “The Kid” Travis Lindsay, “Handsome” Dan Hendricken, and “The Big Cat” Andrew Vaughan are the premier wrestling stable in comedy podcasts. Every week the three get together and have some chit chat followed up with a weekly theme, call in guests, and new segments all the time.

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