Ep. 70: The Breakup Remedy Kit

July 27, 2018

We have an OG guest this week! 3rd time InTalksicted returnee Caitlin joins me remotely, all the way from Ontario to drink together over the internet! It’s catch up time with Caitlin as she has since moved away from Halifax and is now living in a new town, where she recently experienced their very first pride festival. She also retuned to the stage with her drag kind persona JackDoff after a slight hiatus. But the main subject for this episode is breakups. Caitlin very recently went through a breakup and we talk about the various ways we handle them and get through it. We also go full High Fidelity and list our top 10 breakup songs that help us get through heartbreak.

We even made a playlist for it! Check out the songs discussed on Spoitfy here:

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