Ep. 49: The InTalksicated Awards – The Talkies Part 2

March 6, 2018

Better late than never! In part 2 of the InTalksicated Awards I give out even more awards from the past year of recording InTalksicated! What was the best couples moment? Most TMI episode? What episodes were the most enlightening? Who will get the feminist agenda award? Those and so much more in part 2!

Best couples moments:
Gold: Ep. 7 Pt. 1: Jesse & Sondra are the ultimate final 2
Silver: Ep. 21: Pregnancy is a disgusting miracle (Melanie and Ben)
Bronze: Ep. 29 From karaoke to cohabitation (Amy and Brent)

Best Girltalksicated
Gold: Ep. 12: Single and hesitant to mingle (Wendy)
Silver: Ep. 27: Real gamer girl problems (Tasha)
Bronze: Ep. 42: Reputation Rundown (Shannon)

Most TMI Episode
Gold: Ep. 9: Whiskey & Sex Talk
Silver: Ep 13: Sarah and Neil are terrible adults

Most enlightening episode
Gold: Ep. 30: Us To
Silver: Ep. 35: Let’s Talk About Asexuality
Bronze: Ep. 23: The show must go on

Best Bonding Experience
Gold: Ep. 13: Make ups break ups and cam girls
Silver: Ep. 34: 30(ish) truths about being 3
Bronze: Ep. 46: Childfree not by Choice

The Feminist Agenda Award!
Gold: Ep. 30: Us Too
Silver: Ep. 45: Aziz Ansari and enthusiastic consent
Bronze: Ep. 36 Times Podcast

Best InTalksicated Regular: Shannon
Guest to Look out For: Caitlin

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