Ep. 48: The InTalksicated Awards – The Talkies Part 1

March 1, 2018

In honour of the 1 year anniversary of InTalksicated- welcome you to the InTalksicated Awards! I go back through the 47 episodes and 38 guests over the past year and give out awards for my favourite moments! I am joined by Corey, Evan and Jen as we talk about our time spent together as the movie group over the year and I give out the first round of awards!

What movie group episode had the most tangents? What episode was the drunkest? What was the best crack up moment? Who delivered the best burn? What guest was the best story teller? What was the best “call out the host moment”?

You’ll have to find out on the 1 year anniversary special!

PLUS: Stay tuned to the end of the episode for some very special announcements!

Awards Time stamps:

Movie Group Awards

15:30 Best Movie Clip Editing
Ep. 5: The Room is tearing us apart!

20:15 Best Scene Commentary
Gold: Ep. 10: The Filmtastic 4 review The Fantastic Bore – Rocks!
Silver : Ep. 5: The room is tearing us apart – Oh hi Mark! /What a story Mark!
Bronze: Ep. 20 She’s Kind of All That – Red dress/staircase scene

28:42 Episode with the most tangents/best tangents/Drunkest movie group episode
Ep. 33: Birdemic Shock and Terrible

35:06 Most unique drink
Ep. 20: She’s Kind of all that

Worst drink
Ep. 5: The room is tearing us apart – Scotchka

43:52 Best Crack Up Moment
Ep. 2: To a better box – Karen & Niamh’s Love Story

47:25 Drunkest/Loudest Episode
Ep. 17: Ahead by a Canada Day century

50:42 Best Story Teller
Ed – Ep. 43: Stories from a sex shop

52:50 Best Story
Gold: Ep. 13 Pt. 2 Would you rather with Neil & Jen
Silver: Ep. 8: Exes and accidental sex tapes
Bronze: Ep. 14: What to expect when you’re expecting unexpectedly

59:10 Best Call Out The Host Homent
Gold: Ep. 9: Whiskey and Sex Talk
Silver: Ep. 34: 30(ish) truths about being 30
Bronze: Ep. 44: A lesson in Grindr

1:08:18 Best Burn
Gold: Karen – Ep. 17: Ahead by a Canada Day century
Silver: Mark – Ep. 9: Whisky and Sex Talk

1:13:43: Best Collaboration
It’s a tie! Double gold: Ep. 24: Content creation with Tarvould’s Quest & Ep. 36: Krista and Lilly of 36 Times Podcast

1:15:36 Best ice breaker game
Ep. 24: Content creation with Tarvould’s Quest – Marry Eff Kill


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