Ep. 32: Us Too – Part 2

November 9, 2017

This podcast contains discussions of personal experiences that may be disturbing and triggering for some listeners.

Sarah, Carmen, Shannon and Amanda are back with Part 2 of our Us Too episode, discussing the #MeToo movement and our various experiences with sexual harassment, assault and abuse. We pick up where we left off in Part 1 and hear from Shannon and Amanda, as well as dive deeper into various aspects of sexual assault (including minimizing, psychological manipulation, toxic masculinity and blame) and even take a question from a listener! We end the episode with action items – what can men do to change aspects of their behaviour to better themselves?

For anyone seeking help in regards to sexual harassment, assault or abuse please reach out to your local sexual assault centre.

Some links for Halifax, NS, Canada:

The Avalon Sexual Health Centre
You can contact the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program by phone (902-422-6503) or email sanecoordinator@avaloncentre.ca.

Halifax Sexual Health Centre Community Directory

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