Ep. 134: Escaping The World with Marc-Anthony Sinagoga

October 18, 2019

Traveling comedian & fellow concert junkie Marc-Anthony Sinagoga joins me this week to talk about all the things we consume to escape the world! We geek out about pop culture and our love for concerts (and the FooFighters). We also talk about small towns, Louis CK’s Toronto show, being a fan of someone who has done shitty things, Joker (spoilers happen around 1:13:00-1:19:20), working in comedy, and his Instagram engagement!  Is Nickelback really that bad? Who is Canada’s national treasure – The Hip or Rush? Are the Foo Fighters just the absolute best? What’s the best way to make scrambled eggs? What’s better – stadium shows or small shows? This and more on this awesome episode!

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