90’s Proof: Trespass

Hey this week on Intalksicated Reviews we bring you the first edition of 90’s Proof. Childhood friends Bryant and Corey go back and watch movies from when they were younger and see how they aged.

This week they watched 1992’s Trespass starring Ice T, Ice Cube (No relation), William Sadler and Bill Paxton (RIP), but will they deem this movie a restricted area?

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Ep. 19: In bed with Caitlin and Coel

I get comfy in bed with returning guest Caitlin and her girlfriend Coel to drink some ciders and talk about how they got together, pansexuality, drag, porn preferences, Pride and why they are leaving Nova Scotia!

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Comic-Con 2017 Trailer Reactions & Reviews

Corey, Sarah, and Evan(and somewhat special guest Kurt) get together to talk about some of the new trailers released at Comic-Con 2017! Which movies made us hard? Which ones fell short? You’ll have to listen to find out!

1:56 – Ready Player One
9:41 – Justice League
25:38 – Inhumans
36:56 – Walking Dead
43:44 – The Defenders
52:33 – Westworld
56:51 – Stranger Things
1:03:19 – Thor: Ragnarok

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Just a Shot (Bonus Episode): Moral Dilemmas with Amy & Amanda

Amy, Amanda and I change gears after talking about Kesha and test our moral compasses with a game of “Would You Press The Button? What would Amy do in a world without Pokemon? Could we live without internet for a lot of money? Would we rather be bald or have no body hair? FIND OUT!

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