This week Sarah proves she’s been listening to too much Joe Rogan and records a super podcast with 3rd time returning guest Scott MacLean. This time rather than drunkenly arguing about male/female dynamics – we go way deeper. We talk about grief, coping mechanisms, logic vs. emotion, finding yourself after trauma, cancel culture, empathy and the positive impact of hallucinogens. Plus: Scott revisits an old facebook note about happiness.

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This week I welcome Jess – host of the Lather Rinse Repeat Podcast! I get to know Jess better and learn about how the podcast came about. We chat about dating as podcasters, breakups, lessons learned in relationships, the shittiness of ghosting and also do a Freudian test on Jess.

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Oh hey everyone! Here’s a little bonus episode I recorded on 420 after going on a stressful walk to get weed to ease my anxiety! I catch up with you all on how the past month has been for me. I talk about: lacking motivation, the day to day “normal”, the recent shooting in NS, grieving during a pandemic, doing a drunk livestream, my fave current podcasts, Nikki Glaser’s Taylor Swift Dance Party, what I learned from a podcast workshop with my fave podcaster, the self help books I am trying to read, and the long term effects of loneliness. Plus: I discuss the words people have used to describe me.

This week I welcome returning guest Vicki Welch and a new guest Durham Laporte! We get to know Durham a bit better and we also dive into the things on our mind during this quarantine including: the need to mother something/pandemic pets, creative blocks,  Zoom comedy shows, how we think the adjustment period will be in the future for comedy shows, creative blocks, how we get confrontational, stressful grocery runs and so much more! We also play two truths and a lie and learn some interesting things about Vicki’s sandwich preferences.