This week it’s an awesome pre-show hang with two InTalks regulars: Matt Baker and Albert Coombes! Lots of silly randomness in this one including: the return of standup in Halifax, collaborative joke writing, comedy voices and personas, misconceptions, insecurities and fears! PLUS the boys try to get me to make some jokes out of the premises in their phones and I play my sleep recordings.

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We are finally back to recording in Sad Girl Studios! So excited to bring you an IN PERSON episode with local comedian and great gal pal Kirsten Finch! This one has it all: grocery store etiquette, pubic hair, orgies, sex rituals, double standards of women in comedy, the beginnings of relationships and more! Plus: we touch on the current controversies in comedy & Kirsten gives her unpopular opinion regarding Family Feud & tells the story of receiving her first dick pic. 

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I’m back! This week I get back into the swing of things with two good friends and returning guests Chris Halef and Kyle Barnet! We shoot the shit about a lot of things I can hardly remember at this moment because this was a quick turn around. We chatted about adjusting to comedy after Covid, our first impressions of each other, unpopular opinions, how we express ourselves, navigating dating, what we think romance is, how to get over someone and more. We also sprinkle in assumptions about each other!