I’m back! This week I get back into the swing of things with two good friends and returning guests Chris Halef and Kyle Barnet! We shoot the shit about a lot of things I can hardly remember at this moment because this was a quick turn around. We chatted about adjusting to comedy after Covid, our first impressions of each other, unpopular opinions, how we express ourselves, navigating dating, what we think romance is, how to get over someone and more. We also sprinkle in assumptions about each other!

This week: I stream live on the internet for 15 hours! But I also have a kick ass episode with a brand new guest – Mitch Touesnard! Also Albert Coombs is my co-host! We get really silly as we drink and rank 4 types of White Claws and talk to Mitch about: his love for comedy, his approach to life – aka toddler energy, stage presence, breaking quarantine, love vs being in love, unpopular opinions, a sugar baby adventure and much much more!

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