This week I am joined via Zoom by pals and returning guests Albert Coombes and Adrienne Gabrielle! We chat about how we are all dealing with self-isolation,  pandemic insomnia & porn use, my new love of ativan,  virtual doctors, zoom sex,  nostalgic dick pics, and covid delivery procedures. PLUS:  Sarah brings it down with sad news stories and forgets she is talking with two comedians. We also go over some old jokes that never made the stage.

We are back at it this week with an episode that was recorded pre-quarantine – the good ol’ days! This week I welcome comedian and new gal pal Alva Marie Sparkles. Alva and I met and bonded over show production and in this weeks episode we really get to know her better. We talk about show production, self doubt, fear of disappointment, being intimidated by other women & how to deal with that, her self-discovery move to New Zealand, body image issues, disordered eating habits, and depression. PLUS: sexual confidence, safe words, and the power of lingerie. EVEN MORE: I self diagnosed myself with a sexual disorder and Alva tells one hell of a honeymoon story.

My podcast tribute to our friend and pillar of Halifax comedy – Andrew Vaughan. Enjoy stories and messages from friends of Andrew, and some of my fave clips from past episodes.

We love and miss you Big Cat.

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Andrew’s Set from 3rd Anniversary Live Show – February 28th, 2020

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