This week it’s a brand new guest – Richie Bell! We chat origins in comedy, my “type”, comedy scenes being too nice, dealing with ego, effects of codependency, living in Vancouver, normalizing mental illness, an edible induced panic attack, being back in Halifax, Richie’s thoughts on my Tinder profile, taking risks in comedy, internalizing stress, having balance in life and of course: GHOSTS and Richie’s web series “Ghost Comic”! 

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This is the episode you didn’t know you needed! A deep dive with great pal and amazing comic Albert Coombes! We talk about a shit ton of stuff including stupid childhood memories, comedy and I ask Albert shadow work questions to uncover his inner demons!

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Buckle in, and take some notes!!! This week’s guest is Halifax comedy veteran Travis Lindsay. The kid joins me for a much needed conversation to fill the Boys Club void in our lives, with plenty of strong comedy advice sprinkled all throughout. We chat about the ecosystem of comedy, the fundamentals of starting stand-up, testing jokes, the impact of Andrew Vaughan and how we have been grieving his death, comedy scene dynamics, comedy classes, the “it factor” of comedy, personal bombs vs  audience bombs, the benefits of over preparing, speaking up online and being your true authentic self.

PLUS: We create NEW COMIC BINGO and talk about the common things us newbies do. 

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This week it’s a mega fun episode with the “new faces” of the Halifax scene – Durham LaPorte and Mitch Touesnard! We chat for a bit about what we like/don’t like about yourselves, how we confront people, moving to different cities for comedy, the art of roasting and bombing. PLUS: we do some roasts of other comics in the scene and Durham & Mitch give me advice for my first set!

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