He is back! Scott MacLean returns to the podcast for the 4th time on the cusp of his 33rd birthday. We get into it and discuss: the value of camping, being an open book, catfishing, manifesting, the friend zone, the ideal qualities to look for in a partner, codependency, expressing opinions the art of discussion, empathy for others, understanding the root of why people are the way they are and being misunderstood. 

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This week I welcome two funny gents and good pals to the pod, returning guest Kyle Carpenter and brand new guest Brad MacDonald! We get into their friendship, IBS woes, work/life/comedy balance, comedy nerves, favourite words, weird cartoon crushes, foot peels, social media and much more.

PLUS: EWOKS and I show the boys something disturbing I found on Tik Tok!

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After another busy week means Sarah almost couldn’t do an episode again! But a podcast miracle happened and we have an impromptu episode this week with a fave regular guest – Travis Lindsay! We get into the world of tiktok and influencer culture, as well as some good comedy banter including my first time hosting, a crazy heckler and Travis’s Comedy Fest tapings. We also answer your random questions including: What to do with unneeded panties and nipple hair? What is the best bridge to jump off of? Who would be the better hang, BSB or the Golden Girls? Am I an idiot who misspelled Intoxicated? and more!

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This week I am joined by good friend and comedian Alva-Marie Sparkles for an incredibly healing and self reflective conversation. We light some spell candles and talk about: self-esteem, handling conflict, finding balance in life, depression & mental illness, setting boundaries, communication, the impact of close friends passing away and how to “grieve good”.

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