Buckle in, and take some notes!!! This week’s guest is Halifax comedy veteran Travis Lindsay. The kid joins me for a much needed conversation to fill the Boys Club void in our lives, with plenty of strong comedy advice sprinkled all throughout. We chat about the ecosystem of comedy, the fundamentals of starting stand-up, testing jokes, the impact of Andrew Vaughan and how we have been grieving his death, comedy scene dynamics, comedy classes, the “it factor” of comedy, personal bombs vs  audience bombs, the benefits of over preparing, speaking up online and being your true authentic self.

PLUS: We create NEW COMIC BINGO and talk about the common things us newbies do. 

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Well holy shit. Did we out Rogan, Rogan? One hell of an episode this week with new pal and fellow stand-up geek Thomas Kennedy! Honestly there likely isn’t a subject we didn’t cover. We chat about: how his religious upbringing shaped him, all the feelings around doing stand-up,  what counts as a bomb,  dealing with the death of family members,  and channeling pain into self deprecating jokes. PLUS: a no-jerking off competition, outlooks on life, adult friendships, sexism in comedy, Sarah’s ideal mushroom trip and of course we do a psychological assessment of Thomas!

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This week’s episode we are talking all about MAGIC and the magic of television with local author and magician Vincenzo Ravina! Vincenzo recently appeared on “Penn & Teller Fool Us” and we talk all about his experience including lots of behind the scenes insights, what inspired him to do magic and how he preps to perform! He also performs some tricks on the pod and breaks my mind! 

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David Rossetti is a local actor and DJ who I met while drunkenly singing karaoke at the bar where InTalksicated is born! He has appeared in roles on The Trailer Park Boys, Night Blooms, Hopeless Romantic, and Let’s Get Physical (and lots more) but he recently appeared alongside Chelsea Perretti in the 2020 feature comedy “Spinster”! We have a great chat about how he got into acting, the challenges & processes involved, dealing with nerves, working with famous actors and diving into creative career choices! PLUS we also talk about the current state of the entertainment biz, what karaoke songs are annoying, wedding observations and more!

Learn more about Dave: http://www.davidrossetti.ca