Burning bright and burning out: a candid look at content creation

March 23, 2018


Warning: blunt honesty and buzzwords are coming. This one is for all my content creator friends out there, or really anyone running a side hustle or business!

I’m very proud of this latest episode. Any content creator or creative person in general must know the feeling of burning out, when your mind is constantly coming up with ideas for your project (whatever that may be!). PLUS you are working crazy hours because guess what? you still have to work full time and support yourself in addition to all the time you put into your project. Where does the “you time” go? Out the door usually. But the momentum is what keeps your going so you refuse to stop.

In recent months my day job has become more demanding and I’ve been amping up time spent on the podcast (because i wanna grow this bitch!) and Sarah time has become super rare! Self care went out the window. What i’ve learned over the past couple weeks is – you need a goddamn break sometimes. It’s so important to take a little bit of time to decompress and in my case – create my own stories again.

I love my podcast and recording it doubles as a social activity for me, which is awesome! But i still need to be “on” so to speak. So it never truly feels like I am unplugging, ever. Not many people talk openly about this. In honour of being 100% authentic about the smoke and mirror world of content creation: this ep is all about ways to avoid that burnt out feeling. We talk about productivity and balance and all the things that come with it. I think a lot of people could benefit from the subjects discussed!

And lastly – to anyone spreading themselves thin and feeling like it isn’t paying off – you rock! The fact that you committee consistently to a project and give it your all while maintaining a schedule is an achievement in of itself. Don’t let the numbers – whether that be sales, views, downloads, etc – determine your worth! Keep going but please don’t forget to take care of yourself on a regular basis!

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