InTalksicated Podcast is a weekly uncensored drinking comedy podcast, variety talk show and therapy session showcasing unfiltered conversations with friends and local comedians. The guests choose the booze and enlighten me on various topics like dating, relationships, sex, friendship, sexuality, comedy and so much more! Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

InTalksicated Reviews is a separate feed specifically for tv and movie booze-induced reviews and recaps. Corey covers the latest in tv and movies, as well as revisiting your old favourites with special guests and stand up comedians.

Ep. 103: A Jack Of All Trades ft Tee Johnny

This week on InTalksicated is new friend, creator and hustler Tyler aka Tee Johnny! We get together for a much needed sober episode and talk about bouncing around in life, his background/childhood, sobriety, sexuality, life challenges, the importance of building community and dealing with mental health issues in the workplace. Make sure to check out his awesome podcast – Quirky And/Or Queer!

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Crisis of Infinite Opinions: Captain Marvel

Disney is back with another entry into the MCU with Captain Marvel. This Brie Larson lead film is the last stop before Avengers Endgame and Corey and Norm are back together to talk about it. While giving their thoughts and recapping the film they answer questions like How hungover is Norm? How does this movie stack up to the rest of the MCU films? How awesome is Goose the cat?

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Ep. 102: You’re Welcome, Next

9TH TIME returning GUEST and one of my best friends Shannon is BACK!! This is an old school InTalksicated therapy-style session all about heartbreak, expectation hangovers, breakups and facing hard truths about romantic pursuits. We dive deep into Shannon’s VERY RECENT breakup, and I vent about the guys that don’t wanna date me. This episode is a raw, emotional and honest – but obviously very edited to protect the legit decent men that just aren’t that into us.

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Ep. 101: A Heart To Heart with Ruth McMullen (Optimistically Depressed)

The lovely and amazing Ruth McMullen of the Optimistically Depressed podcast joins InTalksicated this week! We talk about her background/childhood, her struggles with depression and how that began, her strong relationship with her husband, postpartum depression, the impact of medication and how she deals with depression on a day to day basis.


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