90’s Proof: Judgement Night (Feat. Peter White)

Peter White is back on 90’s Proof for a super sized episode! this time he joins Corey and Bryant and they (Try to) talk about the ’93 movie Judgement Night starring Charlie Sheen’s brother and Tom Cruise’s Ambassador of Quan (bonus points if you get both those references). we answer questions like How did Super cat talk Mark McGrath into doing the Sugar ray song “Fly”? Is this movie just a feature length Dennis Leary stand up special? and can Corey play a bag? so get in the right car and download this ep (that will make more sense after you listen)

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Ep. 42: The Reputation Rundown

We knew it from the first Old Fashion we were cursed!

In a very different episode of InTalksicated, Shannon (plus audience guest Nikki!) returns to the podcast to help me with a bourbon induced track-by-track break down of Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation! We drink some Old Fashions and do a deep dive intro the lyrics, discuss our overall thoughts on the album and how each song made us feel.

Why is “I Did Something Bad” Taylor’s Walter White moment? Why is “Delicate” the most perfect and honest crush song? What do we think of Taylor’s sexual preferences based on “So it Goes…”. Did I buy a dress inspired by “Dress”? Why does this whole album make me horny? Take a listen and find out!

Song discussion timestamps:

7:15 – …Ready For It?

14:11 – End Game

21:17 – I Did Something Bad

27:00 – Don’t Blame Me

32:25 – Delicate

40:10 – Look What You Made Me Do

45:05 – So It Goes…

50:43 – Gorgeous

1:00:20 – Getaway

1:07:30 – King of My Heart

1:14:02 – Dancing With Our Hands Tied

1:19:50 – Dress

1:28:45 – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

1:31:13 – Call It What You Want

1:36:22 – New Years Day

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